About Us

Like most stories, Relio began as a series of sketches that were never meant to see the light of day. It was a venture that didn’t feel possible, especially when we already had our careers paved in one direction. Formed by Leandro Fernandez and his partner Anais Bergues, Relio became a symbol of what could be if they broke away from what was expected of them and instead pursued their true passions.

Our logo - the phoenix - has been an integral part of that mission. The phoenix represents rebirth and new beginnings and this is what the last few years have been about for us - moving away from what makes us comfortable and taking risks. That is what Relio represents - the start of something new and not being afraid to take chances.

At Relio we want to inspire through our creativity and make others want to take chances on themselves. Leandro and Anais have worked together to ensure every design they create pays close attention to detail and brings in elements that give each creation something unique.